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Award ceremony in recognition of our eagles for successfully completing the Harvard MUN and Cambridge B2 exam.
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On Sunday 7 February, the First Cambridge Certificate Award Ceremony was held at Elaraki International School of Morocco.

The event was a combination of music performed by some talented students, speeches delivered by the principal, the head of the English department and the teachers responsible for the Ted Ed and MUN clubs and, of course, the award ceremony itself. The students received their certificates in grateful recognition for their admirable efforts and outstanding achievement. The event was also an opportunity for two Ted Ed club members to present their talks about success and future careers and for The MUN participants in Harvard Model United Nations Conference to share their experience.

In the presence of the parents of the awardees, students and some school staff members, the certificate owners were congratulated on their dedication and commitment shown as English language learners who, besides their academic excellence, develop themselves personally and realize their full potential by being actors in their school life.

All in all, the ceremony was held amidst much joy, cheer and applause as the beaming, motivated and successful students received their certificates of merit.

Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.

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