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Why the exchange?

Such overseas exchanges provide ELARAKI School students with the zeal to discover themselves. ELARAKI School is committed to helping the students expand their broadness of mind and enhance their sense of responsibility. By being involved in such rich and engaging experiences, students will benefit from a myriad of advantages including activities, classes, experiences and excursions offered by the host school.

The international exchanges are facilitated between member schools within the Round Square network. Such commitments are arranged by individual member schools, between members and by a designated school representative. In this respect, students of ELARAKI School are welcome to be a part of this programme. All what they need to do is to complete and submit the Exchange Application Form. Check out Member Schools for links to individual Round Square Schools.

Les nouveaux numéros de téléphone :

ELARAKI Ennakhil 

: 06 78 82 40 70

ELARAKI Al Izdihar

: 06 78 82 40 88


: 06 78 82 40 66