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A delegation of 6 students and 5 adults flew to FLORIDA - USA to take part in the RSIC organized by St. Andrew’s College under the theme of “WAVES OF CHANGE” from 6th to 13th October 2013, where ELARAKI School was officially nominated as a Round Square Global Member.
Anas IDDIR said:I have never thought that one day I will have a roommate from Bangladesh, perform in front of a multinational audience, play football with Indian, German, South African, Swiss, Argentinean, Mexican and American teammates, help building a house in Florida or even hold an alligator. Thanks to Round Square, I was able to achieve that.
Hind LAAZIZ said: “Participating in RSIC in Florida is the most important experience to me. Through it I was able to bond with people from all over the world, I also learnt a priceless lesson; Regardless the differences’, aiming for the same goal never fails to bring people closer."achieve that.”
Med Youssef KHALIL said:“That event cannot be forgotten because of all the cool activities we had, it was an honor for me to be there and to represent Morocco along with other countries. That conference gave me the opportunity to find a better me because of the IDEALS. It would be a great pleasure to participate once again in such conference in the future if it is possible.”
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