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Tips on How to Compress Videos on a Laptop Without an Application

Now, videos can be used for various things, such as watching movies, documenting and more. But often requires a large enough storage size. This can be overcome by compressing it manually. So how to compress videos on a laptop without an application?, see further below.

You need to know, in compressing your own video, there are two different methods. That is online without the need for additional software and offline using a program such as handbrake.

How to Compress Videos on a Laptop Without an Application

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Using online sites is the right choice for those who don’t want to bother installing applications. However, because the site or website is online, internet quota is required for access. Here are some suggested online sites, including:

1. Through the You Compress Site

This video compress site allows users to reduce the size of videos, audio, and images. YouCompress can be accessed for free and can support various file formats such as MP4, MP3, JPG and GIF.

The results of compressing files, especially videos through this site, are not marked with a site watermark. How to compress using YouCompress as follows:

    Open the website in a browser.

    Input the video file you want to reduce in size.

    Then select Upload File & Convert.

    Wait for the process to finish then click Download.

2. Via the Smaller Video Site

This video compression service can be accessed through the page for free. But keep in mind, this site has a maximum video limit of 500 Mb to be processed.

Here are some simple steps on how to compress videos on a laptop without additional applications via video smaller online sites, namely:

  • Open a web browser on your laptop and visit the VideoSmaller website at
  • Enter the video you want to process by pressing the browse menu.
  • Check the Use low compression level (best quality) option so that the output video remains of good quality.
  • Then click Upload Video. Wait for the process to finish and the video file can be downloaded directly.

3. Via the Aconvert Site

The third option for compressing videos is the Aconvert site. Besides being able to compress videos, Aconvert can also support PDF files and word documents.

There are many options for video output formats, namely AV, MP4, and MOV. Here are the steps to compress videos on this site:

  • Input the video file you want to process by clicking on the Choose File menu.
  • In the Options section, change it to Change size, bitrate or frame rate.
  • Change the configuration as desired. Then, start the compress process by pressing the Convert Now button.
  • Wait until all processes are complete and the compressed video can be downloaded.

How to Compress Videos on Laptops Offline

The next video compression option can be done offline. Usually this method requires the user to install a video compress application. However, there are recommendations for other ways that can be done offline and without the need to install (portable).