lagu bagus

This is a good reason many of us take our music with us on the go; it can drive us — back home, away from a crowded bus, or through a restless night.

Music helps us connect with others — with fellow travelers who may share our taste in song and with locals who may not speak our language but can bring rhythm.

For those of us with gypsy blood, music can speak to who we are and why we can never settle down. Music gives rise to a desire to see new places, or to travel just for the pleasure of traveling.

Within minutes of a song playing, the embers of wanderlust within us can be ignited into a bonfire that cannot be ignored. Suddenly, we're inspired to get that money, book that flight, pack that bag — do whatever it takes to get back on the road.

So here I present thirty of the songs that best capture the spirit of travel. You can download via fakaza . No need to pay or install applications at all.

Silakan isi ponsel Anda, pasang earphone Anda, dan putar nadanya. Siapa yang tahu di mana lagu-lagu ini akan membawa Anda.

Lagu Tentang Tempat

Certain songs take you immediately to a certain place. They precisely capture a place you've been or inspire you to plan a trip to that place forever locked in the lyrics.

Other songs don't mention names, but in your mind, the place that the song evokes is so precise that you have no doubts about what city, town, or country the singer is singing about…until you meet other travelers who describe a completely different place every time the song is played.

  1. Carolina on My Mind by James Taylor

Who doesn't see the Carolina sunshine or feel the veggie glow when this classic hits the speakers? I definitely hear “the highway calling” every time this song appears on my playlist.

  1. Marrakech Express by Crosby, Stills and Nash

This vivid image of song-colored cotton, the captivating cobra – brings this famous Moroccan city to life. Can you reject the call?

  1. Africa by Toto

Come on, I can't leave this one, can I? It's a classic.

  1. Katmandu by Cat Stevens

Strange and confusing is certainly one way to describe this city. If you've been there, I'm sure you can think of many other suitable adjectives.

  1. Graceland by Paul Simon

On the surface, sure, it's a song about Memphis, but I think we all have our own Graceland, a place where we go for reasons we can't explain, in hopes of being well received.

  1. We Dance Anyway by Deana Carter

In each of our history, there has been a “happy little foreign town”, where we dance, laugh, and fall in love every minute of every day. This is where we find a way to go back to time and again, even if only in our memories.

  1. Where Streets Have No Names by U2

It's a city not in any guidebook, one you find when you get off the train at the wrong stop or secretly share a dorm room with someone who's just come from there. It's an unmarked restaurant, guest rooms tucked away in a back alley, a beach you'll never find again…but will always remember.

Songs About How To Travel

A common saying reminds us that it is not the destination, but the journey that matters. When it comes to travel, the method of transportation is important.

By boat, by train, by foot, by car… the way we travel plays a huge role in how we experience the world.

  1. Proud Mary by CCR

Is it possible to listen to this song and not want to give up that “good job in the city” to “hit the riverboat queen”? Whether it's on the Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Ganges, or a smaller, quieter river, a boat is a great way to travel.

  1. The City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie

I'm not sure you can call yourself a traveler if you haven't done at least one train journey, spent time playing cards with friends and watching the world go by outside your window.

Song About The Reason We Travel

We each have our personal reasons for traveling, but there are common themes that connect travelers.

Often we travel in search of something—ourselves, love, adventure, understanding, where we are. Sometimes we leave simply because we can't bear to stay where we are or because of an almost desperate urge to move.

And in some cases, there is no excuse. We travel simply because we are travelers.

Staying in one place for too long and sometimes you can actually feel the grass growing under your feet. That's when you know for sure that it's time to move on.