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It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to the RS African – European Conference hosted by ELARAKI 

School during the period of 10 to 15 March, 2016, themed "TOGETHER FOR A COMMON FUTURE"

Please find all details and information needed on Mailout One.

For registration, please use the link below:


Registration deadline: October 30th, 2015.


Outgoing Exchange Students

Mardi, 11 Juin 2013 10:11 Publié dans Students Exchanges

Why the exchange?

Such overseas exchanges provide ELARAKI School students with the zeal to discover themselves. ELARAKI School is committed to helping the students expand their broadness of mind and enhance their sense of responsibility. By being involved in such rich and engaging experiences, students will benefit from a myriad of advantages including activities, classes, experiences and excursions offered by the host school.

The international exchanges are facilitated between member schools within the Round Square network. Such commitments are arranged by individual member schools, between members and by a designated school representative. In this respect, students of ELARAKI School are welcome to be a part of this programme. All what they need to do is to complete and submit the Exchange Application Form. Check out Member Schools for links to individual Round Square Schools.

Best Class Reward-2013

Lundi, 03 Juin 2013 10:02 Publié dans Events
Congratulations to students of Grade 9/B for winning the Best Class Reward of the 2013 school year. The students were taken on an adventure journey in the area of IMLIL where they had a deserved time of fun and joy before the final examination.
Many thanks are dedicated to the ELARAKI MUN Club members for the stunning performance they did during the MUN hosted by Al Akhawayn University. We are proud of you as you always provide us with tangible evidences that you are grown up and liable to bear tomorrow's responsibility.

Presentation about Round Square

Jeudi, 16 Mai 2013 14:58 Publié dans Events
An interesting presentation about Round Square was delivered by Mr Tony Hyde. The student delegates considered the initiative very fruitful and inspiring for young Round Square students enabling them to expose to the open world through the Round square family.

MUN- Felsted, March 2013

Samedi, 11 Mai 2013 09:48 Publié dans Conferences

Georgia's Presentation

Mardi, 30 Avril 2013 08:44 Publié dans Students Exchanges

Georgia delivered a presentation about her country Australia before teachers and pupils of the 9th grade. The presentation was really interesting for it helped the students improve their cross-cultural understanding and correct some misconceptions they might have had about the "Aussies" and Australia. The presentation was punctuated by the students’ questions and interactions and sometimes by funny gestures like the ballet pirouette Georgia performed on the stage.


Lundi, 29 Avril 2013 13:16 Publié dans Round Square

Round Square is an association of a distinguished educational philosophy focusing on the development the "personal growth" of the student. It comprises 90 schools from different part of the world having the same objective which aims to enrich the student experience through international learning and exchanges. Through Round Square IDEALS, the ELARAKI School offers various programmes and oppotunities which enable students to broaden their awareness of an ever lasting changing world.

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